Stuttgart Declaration, English version

Update  4 Feb. 2016 10pm (Updated download file and commentary in English)

Stuttgarter Erklärung / Stuttgart Declaration, translated English version . Alternative recommendations for treatment in the presence of so-called „sex/gender variance.“ Medicine and psychotherapy without gender stereotyping.

– Stuttgart Translation v10b (pdf file 5.2MB) –

Original page, with the names of all signers – Link. Go sign there!

The Stuttgart Declaration seeks to revolutionize the medical treatment of people in the presence of so-called „gender variance“. The Declaration is an initiative of ATME e.V., which is located in Stuttgart. Our translation is intended to make the Declaration accessible to a non-German-speaking audience, and to spread the ideas contained therein more widely.

In Germany as elsewhere, transitioners are required to go through an onerous, opaque, and demeaning „gatekeeping“ process in order to access medical treatment or to obtain proper legal documentation. Against this backdrop, the Declaration is an urgent call to change, based on the idea, echoing the words of Thomas Jefferson, that everyone is born free, with equal dignity and equal rights.

As of this writing, the Declaration has over one thousand signatures.

A few technical notes: Where there was a tradeoff between maintaining the original German sentence structure and maintaining a readable „flow“, I went with the latter. As a result, this is not a verbatim translation, although I have done my best to maintain the original meaning.

Secondly, the word „Geschlecht“ in German can be translated in English as either sex or gender. Therefore I went with „sex/gender“ where appropriate, although there are reasons to think that this does not quite adequately capture the ontological and epistemological issues involved. (The preferred theory of the authors actually resembles „revealed preference“ in its ontological approach.) I explain this in the document, and I think that it is a worthwhile avenue for future work to elaborate a simple, reasonable theory of „sex and/or gender and/or that whole ball of wax“ based on something like revealed preference.

Thirdly, the Declaration comes with a few pages of additional material. So far, I have not gotten around to translating this. Once I get around to this, or if someone helps me out with this, I will update the translation yet again.

In the meantime, read, enjoy, and sign.


 Jedes Geschlecht verdient Respekt v2.06

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