Protect trans kids



Two days ago, the president reversed federal guidance, which had stated that schools should allow transgender kids to use the facilities consistent with their gender. This guidance was in response to state-level „bathroom bills“ and local policies that had forced transgender kids to use the facilities consistent with their assigned gender at birth, or not to use the facilities at all. The idea was to ban trans* kids from going to school (or from existing) entirely.

These policies are promoted by the same groups who send death threats to trans* kids and their families. We know where their agenda lies.

These policies are inconsistent with the fourteenth amendment of the US constitution („equal protection“) and with federal laws banning sex discrimination, not to mention basic human decency. The president’s actions do not have the force of law, but they are intended to create confusion. Confusion is his modus operandi.

For those who want to know more about how bathrooms work, here is a good video. A short summary: nobody thinks that bathrooms will be safer if the government intrudes into them. In fact, the purpose of this intrusion is to make them unsafe.

These policies would force binary trans people (or those who „pass“ as binary) to use the wrong bathroom or locker room, and it would put visibly non-binary people at even more risk, everywhere. At risk of being murdered, for peeing.

Meanwhile, nobody has dealt with the real risk to kids in the locker room: Republican lawmakers. Republican lawmakers have assaulted more children than trans* people have.

by Claire (US)

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