Kiel Seattle FilmFestival’s

TransLations_Seattle_12th_Transgender_Film_Festival__5_TransGender_Filmfestival_Kiel__v1.02Monday April 24 in Kiel the country capital of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) startet the 5 TransGender Filmfestival / TFF (Link).

On 4 May follow in the largest city in both the state of Washington in Seattle  – Trans Lations. It is the largest Transgender Film Festival / TFF in the world, with over 70 films, from 20 diferrent countries (Link Overview Movies).

‚We‘ hope to see many spectators for both festivals.

KIEL – For international interested visitors from Norway and Sweden, there is the possibility to use the ferry connections (Oslo; Göteburg).
That is too far for some politicians and employees of federal ministries the away from Berlin, is a pity.