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2018 January 14
BBC „Intersex surgeries: is it right to assign sex to a baby?

BBC „Kenya debates rights of Intersex people

2018 January 12 „Most US schools unsafe for LGBTI students, GLSEN report says

sgn „LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Head’s up re: the REAL Seattle Womxn’s March 2019“ [Trans, Intersex, Non-binary people events]

2018 January 10 „Hon söker asyl i Sverige – på grund av Donald Trump“ [2 Videos; Seattle / Sweden]

2018 January 08
Reuters „Exclusive: Retired U.S. military chiefs fight Trump trans ban

2018 January 06
prnewswire „Studies in Men’s Health Issue of AACC’s Clinical Chemistry Journal Seek to Remedy Healthcare Disparities Impacting Men, Women, and Transgender Individuals

2018 January 04
sgn „Celebrate the return of pro-LGBTQ majority in US House

sgn „Lambda Legal: Supreme Court should maintain injunction against implementation of discriminatory Transgender military ban

sgn „Trump administration official invites anti-LGBTQ activist & Russian nationalist to visit Texas, speak at Rice University

2018 January 03 „Incluyen a las trans en Ley de protección a mujeres en SLP“ [Mexico]

The Hill „New Dem lawmaker hangs trans flag outside office on Capitol Hill

washingtonian „Why Virginia Representative Jennifer Wexton Hangs the Transgender Pride Flag Outside Her Office“ [Transgender Equality Video]

LGBTQ nation „The Trump administration is planning a far-reaching rollback of civil rights law

Washington Post „Trump administration considers rollback of anti-discrimination rules

2018 January 02
thepride „California Welcomes Third Gender Option on Driver’s Licenses, State IDs

The Guardian „‘We exist’: California begins issuing state IDs with a third gender option

The New York Times „Is a Film About a Transgender Dancer Too ‘Dangerous’ to Watch?

abc7NY „NYC gender-neutral birth certificates law goes into effect“ [twitter video]

smithsonianmag „The Faces Behind Transgender Troops’ Struggle for Acceptance

2018 January 01
Washington Blade „Intersex activists denounce infant surgeries

Evening Standard „Germany to offer legal third gender for intersex people on official documents“ [UK]

BBC news „Germany adopts intersex identity into law

ARIRANG news „Germany adopts third gender identity called „intersex““ [Video youtube]

independent „Germany introduces third gender for people who identify as intersex

euronews „Germany Germans can now choose ‚third gender‘ option on legal records

KTLA5 „Germany Becomes First EU Country to Offer Third Gender Option on Birth Certificates“ [USA California]

2018 December 31
10news „Calif. DMV to offer ’non-binary‘ gender on IDs in 2019

Gender Analysis „Did California state prisons perform unethical medical experiments on transgender women in 1987?

2018 December 29
CNN „Germany’s third gender law is celebrated as a revolution. But some say it’s just the first step

Click2Houston „Germany’s third gender law is celebrated as a revolution. But some say it’s just the first step [USA Texas]

2018 December 28
sgn „Lambda Legal: Supreme Court should deny premature request for review of Transgender military ban rulings

sgn „Late to the party: Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs executive order protecting Trans state employees from workplace discrimination

sgn „OutServe-SLDN urges Supreme Court to deny Trump-Pence administration’s premature request for review of Transgender military ban rulings

2018 December 27
agenciapresentes „2018: La población trans, principal víctima de violencias en Perú

2018 December 21
sgn „Murray, Cantwell call on Trump administration to protect rights of Transgender federal employees

sgn „Lambda Legal joins Arnold & Porter in lawsuit brought against suburban DC school district on behalf of Transgender teacher

2018 December 18
CBS local – Good Day „Male, Female, Nonbinary Licenses Offered Starting January 1“ [California]

Charlston Gazette Mail „Assistant principal who confronted transgender student in restroom suspended

2018 December 13
NBCnews „Kansas lawmaker switches parties over GOP’s ‚absurd‘ LGBTQ platform

2018 December 12
Washington Blade „Rep. Kennedy leads trans rights meeting as House Dems prepare for majority

hopefortimes „Canada’s Supreme Court rules that LGBT rights come BEFORE your religious beliefs

2018 December 11
USAtoday „Some Americans are being denied ‚life-saving‘ health care. It’s because they are transgender

2018 December 08
Planet Transgender „Detroit Transgender Activist Keanna Mattel murdered

2018 December 07 „Melody’s Stories: The Enduring Identity Project“ [Link Melody’s Stories] „Global LGBTIQ voices from 36 countries heard at the United Nations „Seattle City Commissions call on elected officials to publicly support trans activist Danni Askini „New NAFTA treaty is signed: footnote guts LGBT protections

huffingpost „Being Non-Binary“ [4 articel]

abcnews „Virginia teacher fired for referring to transgender student as female“ [Video]

2018 November 30
Independent „Federal judge denies Trump administration attempt to block order limiting transgender military ban

Medium „Trump Erases Guidance for Transgender Federal Workers — Here’s What You Need To Know

Washington Blade „Trump agrees to USMCA trade agreement with LGBT provisionsSection 23 of the USMCA  [They kicked the point later out!]

2018 November 30
Independet „1977: Story of transgender pioneer Angela Morley to be broadcast on BBC Radio 4

2018 November 29
nbcnews „For nonbinary patients, seeking health care can be a painful task

youtube „Born Intersex: we are human! | Mx. Anunnaki Ray Marquez | TEDxJacksonville

2018 November 25
LGBTQ nation „Canada is showing the U.S. what it means to be a leader in LGBTQ rights

2018 November 23
NBCnews „Trump administration wants Supreme Court to take up transgender military ban now

Gender Justice League „Response to the DOJ’s Supreme Court Request „Betsy DeVos issues new Title IX guidelines „Trans* Day of Remembrance commemorated at Seattle Central College „GOP lawmakers try to strip LGBT protections from new NAFTA treaty Canadian PM insists they stay „Join a conversation on female and LGBTQIA+ actors in Seattle theater on Nov. 20 „HRC: Proposed rule change to Title IX would harm survivors of sexual assault

2018 November 21
seattleweekly „Danni Askini Seeks Asylum in Sweden

2018 November 20
Los Angeles blade + Washington blade „Trump’s first trans refugee seeking asylum in Sweden“ [Danni]

2018 November 19 „Nafta-Nachfolgevertrag Republikaner protestieren: Freihandelsabkommen zu LGBTI-freundlichNAFTA successor treaty  Republicans protest: free trade agreement to LGBTI-friendly  [Offical open letter  pdf]

2018 November 12
New York Times „Can a Fired Transgender Worker Sue for Job Discrimination?

2018 November 09
KCBD „Transgender gubernatorial nominee reflects on campaign

Chicago Tribune „Judge orders training on transgender issues for all Illinois prison staff amid inmate lawsuit

sgn „VICTORY: Massachusetts voters uphold protections for Transgender people in historic ballot question“ [Election] „Transgender candidate claims victory in House District 27 race“ [Election]

sgn „GLSEN celebrates historic night for Transgender rights with Yes on 3 vote

sgn „Rainbow wave: LGBT candidates sweep into office

2018 November 08
The Hill „Transgender rights are constitutional rights

LGBTQNation „Colorado announces they will offer third gender option for drivers licenses

kunc „Colorado and Utah Have Third Gender Option On Licenses

El Universal „mexico-sienta-un-precedente-al-reconocerme-como-mujer-trans-ophelia-pastrana“ [LGBTTTI]

2018 November 07
washingtonblade „Two transgender women elected to N.H. House“ [New Hampshire]

2018 November 04
abcnews „Progressive Christine Hallquist could be the nation’s 1st transgender governor

KOCO5 „Transgender community, supporters rally at Capitol to have their voices heard

2018 November 03
10 Turn To 10 „Transgender rights rally held at State House

2018 November 02
Reuters „LGBT+ Australians ‚vilified‘ as PM rules out gender-neutral passports: campaigners“ [!]

straight „Province allows third gender option—“X“—on government-issued ID cards

The Georgia Voice „98 House Dems Urge Trump Administration to Drop Anti-Trans Plan

washingtonblade „98 House Dems urge Trump administration to drop anti-trans plan“ [!!! pdf]

sgn „GSBA’s Louise Chernin: ‚When one of us is attacked, we are all attacked‘“ [Tree of Life more sgn articel]

sgn „1,500 parents of Transgender children send letter to Trump-Pence denouncing attempt to erase Transgender people from civil rights laws

CNN „A Massachusetts law protecting transgender people is in danger of being repealed

azcentral „Caitlyn Jenner was in Phoenix to talk transgender awareness, not Trump

abc57 „South Bend celebrates Transgender Awareness Month

CNN „A Massachusetts law protecting transgender people is in danger of being repealed

CNBC „Apple, Amazon, Facebook and more than 50 other companies sign letter against Trump administration’s proposed gender definition changes


2018 November 01
Chicago Tribune „‚It’s medically sanctioned violence and torture‘: Intersex patients call for end to genital surgeries on children

Seattle Times „We are fellow humans: Respect transgender rights

The Hill „Princeton, other universities urge DeVos to protect transgender students

USnews „Anchorage Shelter Seeks to Exclude Transgender People

2018 October 31
papermag „Care  Intersex People Will Also Not Be Erased“ [!]

HUFFPOST „Transgender People Often Have To Choose Between Their Fertility And Their Transition

2018 October 30
Chicago Tribune „Commentary: We transgender people have a right to participate in society — sports contests included“ [Sport]

abcnews „North Carolina transgender community watches Trump administration with concern

2018 October 29
WCAX3 „UVM students protest potential change in national transgender policy

2018 October 28
Hollywood Reporter „World Series: Fans Unfurl Huge Banner Supporting Transgender Rights During Game 5

The Hill „Transgender fight could prove major test for Supreme Court

gq „Inside Christine Hallquist’s Battle to Become the Nation’s First Transgender Governor

Washington Post „Trump’s attack on trans people should be a wake-up call for the mainstream gay rights movement

2018 October 26
BBC „Meet Anick – born intersex, and about to have his final surgery“ [! Video for share]

sgn „Trump administration declares war on Trans Americans

sgn „Transgender Law Center responds to horrific leaked draft memo by the Department of HHS denying humanity of Transgender and gender-nonconforming community

sgn „HRC: Trump solicitor general doubles down on bigotry at Supreme Court in attempt to erase Trans people

sgn „OutRight comments on rumored anti-Trans memo

sgn „GLAD response to report of Trump administration’s latest considered move against Transgender people

2018 October 25
Mic Dispatach „Intersex people: Non-consensual surgeries must stop“ [VIDEO Intersex Ori Turner]

The New York Times „Why Sex Is Not Binary The complexity is more than cultural. It’s biological, too.

The Washington Post „Caitlyn Jenner: I thought Trump would help trans people. I was wrong.

„CNN „What it means for the Trump administration to legally define ’sex‘‚“

Los Angeles Times „Assaulting the civil rights of transgender people isn’t campaign fodder

slate „How the Trump Administration’s Radical New Definition of “Sex” Would Legalize Anti-LGBTQ Discrimination

2018 October 23
nbc „11-year-old intersex activist Ori Turner is fighting to end “gender-normalizing” surgery on children“ [Intersex; Video  Amanda]

2018 October 22
Sacramento KPIX5 „Trump Administration Plans To Change The Definition Of ‘Transgender’

2018 October 21
nyt „Trump Administration Eyes Defining Transgender Out of Existence“ [! alliance articel]

2018 October 19
gaystarnews „Trans people in Uruguay can now self-identify their gender, without surgery

2018 October 17
HUFFPOST „Arkansas Has Been Offering A Nonbinary Gender Option On State IDs For Years

2018 October 15
abcnews „Transgender teen and ‚I Am Jazz‘ star Jazz Jennings on sharing the final steps of her transition journey: her gender confirmation surgery“ [!]

2018 October 09
Gender Justice League „Leadership Update at Gender Justice League“ [Seattle]

2018 October 02
SMH – The Sydney Morning Herald „Scientists find DNA clues to gender identity in transwoman database“ [Source of origin not yet known!]

2018 September 28
Archer „Intersex variations: Western medicine and the Hippocratic Oath

2018 September 24
ThinkProgress „Two federal judges rule insurance companies must cover transgender health procedures

The Local .se „Meet the American trans activist seeking asylum in Sweden“ [Danni]

2018 September 04
excelsior „Senado de Chile aprueba una ley de identidad de género

2018 August 28
HUFFPOST „California Is The First State To Denounce ‘Corrective’ Surgery On Intersex Children

2018 August 22
Los Angeles Blade „Trans Chorus of LA is a rising voice of visibility
Trans Chorus LA’s Facebook

2018 August 20
Montreal Gazette „Transgender women take the lead in Montreal’s 34th Pride parade

2018 August 19
queer Vision „How This Teen Became The Face Of The Trans Student Rights Movement

2018 August 17
sgn “Trump OKs discrimination against LGBT employees

sgn “Masterpiece Cakeshop redux: Colorado baker rejects Trans customer, sues state officials

sgn “First openly LGBTQ U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin to face anti-LGBTQ challenger Leah Vukmir in U.S. Senate race

sgn “Trans woman wins historic gubernatorial primary victory; Christine Hallquist is the Democratic nominee for VT governor

sgn “Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people in San Bernardino County jail gain rights

2018 August 16
Link Springer „Impossible “Choices”: The Inherent Harms of Regulating Women’s Testosterone in Sport“ [pdf]

2018 August 15
German Council / Government – Third Gender Option   [alliance articel english Links]

2018 August 14
CNN „Christine Hallquist will make history as first openly transgender major party nominee for governor, CNN projects

2018 August 11
sgn “78,000 Transgender citizens could be prevented from voting in the 2018 midterm elections

sgn“Second federal court rules against Trans military ban

sgn “New HRC report details threat Brett Kavanaugh poses to millions of LGBTQ Americans

2018 August 03 “Alliance Defending Freedom asks SCOTUS to review Trans protections “New Cuban constitution to guarantee marriage ‚without distinction of sex‘

2018 August 01
King5 news „Kaiser changing transgender policy, state says „Transgender Actors Roundtable: Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono and More on Hollywood Discrimination

2018 July 30
The Washington Post „To Your Health Helping transgender women find their voice

2018 July 29
newnownext „Oregon Trans Woman Punched, Misgendered, in Apparent Hate Crime

2018 July 27 “40 US senators sign letter opposing anti-LGBTQ legislation to establish a ‚license to discriminate‘ in child welfare services “One year after Trump’s Transgender troop ban tweets, Transgender service members continue to serve with distinction

them „Trans Women Say the State Department Is Retroactively Revoking Their Passports“ [Danni]

2018 July 20
sgn “Ninth Circuit denies another Trump administration effort to implement Transgender military ban

sgn “HRC releases new ‚Coming Home‘ faith guide for LGBTQ evangelical Christians“ [HRC page pdf document]

2018 July 18
tmj4 „Raising an Intersex Child“ [Video]

washington blade „California resolution seeks to celebrate intersex community

2018 July 17
channelnewsasia „Puerto Rico allowing transgender people to fix birth certificates

2018 July 16
LGBTQ buzz „Canada’s New Law Allows Government to Take Children Away if Parents Don’t Accept Kids’ ‘Gender Identity’

2018 July 13
sgn „Transgender veterans as healthy as cisgender veterans, study finds

2018 July 10 „Billie Jean King, Abby Wambach among signees of open letter criticizing new IAAF eligibility regulations“ [Sport; Intersex]

2018 July 06 “Victory! Montana strikes down anti-Trans ballot measure “After two years of open Transgender service, the consensus from the military leadership is that inclusive policy works

2018 July 05
gaystarnews “Trans people should get gender care as children, says Lancet study“ [TGNS Detail Links „Australien hat Behandlungsempfehlungen für trans und geschlechtsvariante Kinder herausgegeben.“]

2018 July 02 „Trans athlete leaves Tucker Carlson speechless, sets Fox News record

2018 Juni 28
News4Jax „Rally calls for action after transgender woman’s killing Cathalina James is 3rd transgender woman killed in Jacksonville in 2018

2018 Juni 23
Capitol Hill Seattle „Trans Pride Seattle shares its stage with immigrant rights to start off 2018 Pride weekend on Capitol Hill“ [pic]

2018 Juni 22
abc news „Transgender athletes speak out as parents petition to change policy that allows them to compete as girls“ [Sport]

abc net Australia „Caster Semenya to challenge IAAF rules forcing her to take medication to lower her testosterone levels“ [Sport]

2018 Juni 21
voanews „Kenya Takes Steps to Recognize Intersex People

studybreaks „Intersex Runner Caster Semenya Calls BS on Testosterone Limitations

2018 Juni 20
TheIndianExpress „Caster Semenya off to Court of Arbitration for Sport with Dutee Chand’s team

pinknews „The World Health Organisation might have just made things worse for intersex people“ [!!!]

2018 Juni 18 „‚I was humiliated, but Caster can change the future of athletes‘ – Dutee

2018 Juni 16
New York Times „A Family in Transition  Two fathers and the baby girl they never expected.“ [transman [!]]

KGW8 „Portland Police promotes first transgender officer to captain

2018 Juni 15
The Hill „Judge again blocks transgender military ban from taking effect „Federal Court Denies Renewed Attempt to Implement Transgender Military Ban“ [Seattle]

2018 Juni 11
teenvogue „Sexual Health + Identity California Resolution Urges Doctors to Delay Surgery on Intersex Youth

2018 Juni 09
wgme „Maine to offer non-binary gender option on licenses, IDs“ [Portland, Oregon]

circa „Transgender veterans are recognized at wreath laying ceremony“ [Military]

i24news „Despite Trump, transgender veterans honor their own

2018 Juni 08 „LGBTQ candidates make history in Democratic primaries across the US „GoFundMe: Trans Pride Seattle 2018!

– Portland Trans Pride March – June 16
– Trans Pride Seattle – June 22

2018 Juni 07
abc Kiro7 „#GoodMorningMommas: Raising a transgender child“ [Video]

2018 Juni 06
CBC news „New gender option available on Alberta ID cards“ [Third gender option]
CBC news „Dinosaur brings extra protection to redesigned Alberta driver’s licences, ID cards

2018 Juni 06
washingtonblade „After 34 years, trans lawyer quits DOJ under Trump for LGBT legal group

2018 Juni 03
Bundespräsdident „Gedenken an die verfolgten Homosexuellen in der NS-Zeit
Ansprache beim Festakt „Zehn Jahre Denkmal für die im Nationalsozialismus verfolgten Homosexuellen“ [pdf; alliance Beitrag]

Deutsche Welle „Steinmeier asks for pardon for Germany’s injustices toward homosexuals“ [ENGLISH]

wsmv „German president apologizes to LGBT community for decades of injustice

Chicago Tribune „German president apologizes to gays for decades of injustice „German president apologises to LGBT community for decades of injustice by Hitler regime

APnews „German president apologizes to gays for decades of injustice

abc news „German president apologizes to gays for decades of injustice

2018 June
Scary Mommy „Sometimes I Forget My Daughter Is Transgender

2018 May 30 „Dana Zzyym Continues Fight for Intersex Federal Recognition!“ [Video] „Intersex veteran back in court to fight for passport that reflects gender identity“ [Lambda Legal Colorado]

2018 May 28
irishcentral „Irish, transgender, and a Civil War hero – remembering Albert Cashier this Memorial Day“ [Historic; Chicago]

intomore „9 Easy Ways Cis Women Can Help Trans Women For Mental Health Awareness Month

2018 May 25
hawaiinewsnow „Hawaii becomes 12th state to ban ‚conversion therapy‘ for LGBTQ youth

sgn „Federal court affirms rights of Transgender students, orders school district to settle with plaintiff Gavin Grimm

sgn „Trans brains match their gender, not their sex assigned at birth, study shows

sgn „CDC will roll back data collection on the health and well-being of LGBT people“ [!]

2018 May 23
kqed „Transgender Issues Are 3-Year-Olds Too Young to Change Genders? Transgender Researchers Disagree

2018 May 22
The Telegraph „Transgender brain scans promised as study shows structural differences in people with gender dysphoria“ [Study]

LGBTQ Nation „Transgender kids’ brains resemble their gender identity, not their biological sex

2018 May 21
sfweekly „State Senate Approves Protections for Intersex Children“ [California; IGM]

National Post „An MRI brain scan can reveal if you are transgender, says study“ [Study]

2018 May 20
intomore „Resolution 110 Aims to Change the Conversation on Intersex Rights „Intersex Evergreen student educates and advocates on campus and across the country“ [WA]

ranker „These Third Genders From Cultures Around The World Prove It’s Not As Black And White As People Think“ [!]

2018 May 19 „Le Canada proposera un troisième genre dans son recensement de 2021

2018 May 18
sgn „Ingersoll Gender Center – Meet our new team and learn about our expanded services!

sgn „LGBT youth report significant mental health challenges, HRC study says

HRC „2018 LGBTQ Youth Report“ [Study; pdf document]

idahopress „Eye on Boise: Idaho agrees to pay transgender women’s attorney fees

2018 May 15
stranger „LGBTQITSLFA Tell the Seattle Public Library to Let Trans People Use the Goddamn Bathroom

2018 May 14
euronews „Mexico bans 17 ‚false‘ transgender women running in local elections“ [EN]
euronews „Mexiko Falsche Transfrauen von Wahllisten ausgeschlossen“ [DE]
euronews „Falsas mujeres transgénero tratan de concurrir a las elecciones en México“ [ES]

hornet „Trump renvoie les prisonniers trans dans les prisons qui ne leur correspondent pas

2018 May 12
tehrantimes „Iran grants $6,000 to transsexuals for treatment

Pink News „Trump rolls back protections for trans prisoners

Reuters „U.S. rolls back protections for transgender prison inmates

2018 May 11
PinkNews „Indian transgender wedding makes history


2018 May 10
npr „International Pakistan Passes Historic Transgender Rights Bill

2018 May 08
theguardian „Transgender rights: Ontario issues first non-binary birth certificate

CBC „Ontario has just issued its first non-binary birth certificate, recipient says

2018 May 07
Springer Link „The “Normalization” of Intersex Bodies and “Othering” of Intersex Identities in Australia

2018 May 04
sgn „‚Baker’s Dozen‘ – Translations celebrates 13 years of Transgender cinema“

sgn „Editorial Cartoon „White House faith and opportunity initative“

2018 May 03
InterACT „New study shows Higher Risks of Significant Anesthetic Brain Toxicity in Children with Repeat Hospitalizations or Surgery

2018 May 01
liebertpub „Gender Dysphoria in Adults: An Overview and Primer for Psychiatrists

2018 April 30
sgn „Translations: Seattle Transgender Film Festival returns May 3-12“ [I17V46; Page 1 Arts & Entertainent]

advocate „Commentary  Fight Back Against the Assault on Trans Health

2018 April 30
New York Times „A Growing Problem for the Military Transgender Ban: Facts

2018 April 27
swissinfo „As countries tighten transgender protections, will Switzerland follow?

2018 April 26 „ASA pledge support to Semenya in wake of IAAF rule

CNN „Caster Semenya may have to reduce hormone levels to compete at Olympics

2018 April 25
mapleridgenews „Web poll: Do you support the provincial Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity education program?“ [Canada – Vancouver, Victoria]

abc net Australia „Caster Semenya’s career in jeopardy as IAAF readies new hyperandrogenism rule

dlf „DDR-Dopingopfer „Wir hatten mehr Angst vor dem Trainer als vor den Elementen““ [Radiobeitrag „hören“ in Bild anklicken]

2018 April 24
Pink News „Here’s how laser hair removal is transforming the lives of trans people

2018 April 22
Time „Daniela Vega

frameline „TRANSMILITARY“ [new Movie; San Francisco – International LGBTQ Film Festival – June 2018]

2018 April 21
nytimes „Trump Plan Would Cut Back Health Care Protections for Transgender People

2018 April 20
Washington Post „I’m transgender, and evangelicals tried to pray for me. I prayed for them instead.

digg „‚I CAN’T FAKE IT ANYMORE‘ Kids Meet A Transgender Soldier For The First Time

teenvogue „Transgender Young People Are More Often Diagnosed With Mental Illnesses, Research Shows

2018 April 17 „Chile inaugura su primera escuela para niños transgénero en honor a una muxe mexicana

2018 April 16
ursinusgrizzly „Intersex activist Pidgeon Pagonis screens short film“ [movie; „The Son I Never Had”] „AG Ferguson, Lambda Legal and OutServe-SDLN win major victory in fight against discriminatory ban of transgender individuals in the military

Washington Examiner „Judge: No evidence to support Trump’s claim that he consulted generals before transgender ban tweet

Outside the Beltway „Federal Judge Blocks New Version Of Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

trofire „Courts Strike Down Trump’s Latest Transgender Military Ban

pridesource „Federal Judge in Seattle Extends Injunction on Trans Military Ban „Constitutional milestone on transgender rights“ [Seattle; Trump]

2018 April 15
ABC net „Leitis: Tonga’s transgender community fights for visibility from the conservative Pacific Kingdom

2018 April 14
Trust „After cyclone, transgender Tongans hope movie will help build acceptance

onlineathens „Brothers in arms?: Civil War reality predates transgender debate

2018 April 13
NBC news „OutFront: Transgender Advocate Creates Safe Space for LGBTQ Homeless

CBC Montreal „Transgender Montrealer says police laughed at allegations of sexual assault, robbery

Cornwell University „What does the scholarly research say about the effect of gender transition on transgender well-being? [study]

sgn „April defeat of Anchorage anti-Transgender Prop. 1

sgn „Transgender citizens flee Kyrgyzstan for Russia

sgn „‚Talk Gender to Me‘ – What is gender considerate language in the workplace?

sgn „Army Chief of Staff testimony contradicts Pentagon report on Transgender troops

2018 April 12
allure „Navigating Beauty Standards as a Trans Woman Is an Impossible Balancing Act

thebodyisnotanapology „LGBTQIA+ 7 Pieces of Advice for Dating While You Are Nonbinary

allure „Navigating Beauty Standards as a Trans Woman Is an Impossible Balancing Act

2018 April 11
BuzzFeedNews „This Boxing Club Helps Trans People Embrace Their Bodies“ [Sport; New York’s Transgender Boxing Collective]

NBC „Gender-affirming surgery ’significantly improves quality of life,‘ study says

ihra „Affirm the Darlington Statement

2018 April 10
Mashable „The transgender models making stock photos more human

intomore „New Medicare Cards Will No Longer Include Gender Markers

losangelesblade „Watch: trailer for film ‘Anything’ features Matt Bomer as a trans sex worker“ [movie]

2018 April 09
Pink News „Transgender weightlifter Laurel Hubbard denied gold medal by horrendous injury

starobserver „Advocacy group for trans Australians to campaign for equal rights

s*tar observer „Tasmanians with gay convictions can now have their records wiped

The New York Times „The Pentagon Is Wrong. Gender Transition Is Effective.

msn „Alaska Transgender ‘Bathroom Bill’ Narrowly Defeated

2018 April 08
lgbtqnation „This is why you shouldn’t misgender trans people

2018 April 06
Seattle Gay news – sgn „Victory in Alaska – Anchorage voters defeat anti-Transgender Prop 1

sgn „Transgender Economic Empowerment Coalition awarded $550,000 King County grant

sgn „Four Trans people sue Ohio for right to change gender markers on their birth certificates

lambdalegal „Idaho Makes History Today by Recognizing the Identities of Transgender People

orlandosentinel „Valencia’s ‚Transition‘ puts transgender community in the spotlight

gaystarnews „Maryland lawmakers ban gay conversion therapy for minors It’ll become the 11th state to ban the conversion therapies

Pink News „Five sentenced for brutal murder of transgender woman which shocked the world“ – mannschaft „Mord an trans Frau: Täter verurteilt [alliance articel from 03-2017]

2018 April 05
cosmopolitan „More Teens Identify as Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming“ [study]

Seattle Times ‚Us Too‚ [Trans feminist activist Danni]

2018 April 04
lambda legal „Victory! Court Tells Puerto Rico to Issue Accurate Birth Certificates for Transgender Puerto Ricans

think progress „Anti-transgender discrimination loses in Alaska vote

ravishly „I’m Done Trying To „Prove“ My Non-Binary Identity

PinkNews „Transgender woman who was shot in her car died while people drove around her

2018 April 03
fandom „Arrowverse Boss Wants to Introduce Trans Superheroes to the Universe

glaad „Not invisible: Debunking 10 Intersex myths

HUFFPOST „These Transgender Canadians Overcame Discrimination To Become ‚Firsts‘ In Their Chosen Fields

mirror „Thai ‚ladyboys‘ turn up for national Army service in skirts and make-up in proud display of their femininity

2018 March 31
them „Trans Visibility Does Not Equal Trans Liberation

pediatrics „Health and Care Utilization of Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth: A Population-Based Study G. Nicole Rider, Barbara J. McMorris, Amy L. Gower, Eli Coleman, Marla E. Eisenberg“ [PDF study]

npr „Coming Out As Transgender Strengthened This Teacher’s Commitment To His Students

HUFFPOST „You Might Be Shocked By What Two Principals Said About My Transgender Daughter

2018 March 30
UT news „Using Chosen Names Reduces Odds of Depression and Suicide in Transgender Youths

sgn „Lambda Legal and OutServe-SLDN: Send the bigoted Transgender military ban to the dustbin of history

sgn „Governor Jay Inslee signs legislation protecting LGBTQ youth in Washington state from dangerous ‚conversion therapy‘

2018 March 29
NYT „Editorial Trump’s Heartless Transgender Military Ban Gets a Second Shot

Kiro7 „Gov. Inslee signs bill banning therapists from practicing gay conversion therapy“ [Bill history Bill as Passed Legislature]

todaysparent „Intersex: When a baby isn’t quite boy or girl

2018 March 28
HUFFPOST „Amia Tyrae, Transgender Woman Of Color, Killed In Baton Rouge

lgbtqnation „Trump wants military to pay billions for his wall while claiming trans healthcare costs too much

2018 March 27
Archer „Transgender children: doing it for the kids

CNBC „Employee health insurance, Obamacare make sex change a new reality for 1.4 million Americans

kitsap sun „Seattle-based judge shows scant patience for military transgender ban

hometv2go „Judge shows scant patience for military transgender ban

KHQ Q6 „Seattle judge weighs new Trump policy on transgender troops

Stars and Stripes „Seattle judge weighs new Trump policy on transgender troops

wbrz 2 abc „Judge won’t consider new transgender troop plan

Komo news „Seattle judge won’t consider Trump’s new transgender troop plan

The Washington Post „The Latest: Judge won’t consider new transgender troop plan

BuzzFeedNews „Technically There Isn’t Any Policy Banning Transgender Troops Right Now

washingtonexaminer „Federal judge asks for more info on Pentagon’s plan to bar transgender troops

seattlepi „The Latest: Judge won’t consider new transgender troop plan

HRC Challenges Transgender Military Ban in Court Press Conference Press Conference Video

thestranger slug „Trump Admin Tries to Justify Trans Military Ban, Seattle Court Not Having It“ [Seattle]

Gender Justice League FB articel press conference after court appointment [Link courthouse]

KIRO7 „Challenge to military transgender ban heard in Seattle court

Vancouver Sun „Seattle judge weighs new Trump policy on transgender troops

Q13 Fox „Seattle judge won’t consider new transgender troop plan

gay today „Mike Pence & a hate group leader are behind Trump’s new trans military ban

wamu 88.5 „Transgender Air Force Officer On Trump’s Ban And His Supportive Fellow Troops“

2018 March 26
BBC „Marvia Malik – Pakistan TV airs first transgender anchor

thinkprogress „Republican senator opposes Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in the military

2018 March 24 „Trump Who? Transgender Troops Vow to Keep Fighting

The Guardian „White House declares ban on transgender people serving in military

CNN „White House announces policy to ban most transgender people from serving in military

2018 March 23
Lambda Legal „New White House Transgender Ban Implementation Plan Solves Nothing

abc news „Trump orders ban on most transgender troops, yet final policy rests in courts

npr „Trump Memo Disqualifies Certain Transgender People From Military Service

The Hill „Trump moves to ban most transgender people from serving in military

transgenderequality „Trump Barrels Ahead with Reckless Transgender Ban

2018 March 21
HRW „“I Have to Leave to Be Me” Discriminatory Laws against LGBT People in the Eastern Caribbean

slate „A Disproportionate Number of Autistic Youth Are Transgender. Why?

nbcnews „‚We exist‘: Public art project gives India’s transgender community a voice

nationalgeographic „What It’s Like Being Transgender in the Emergency Room

2018 March 20 „When can I get my nonbinary ID? Timeline and FAQ for CA’s Gender Recognition Act“ [California; 3 gender option]

ravishly „We Need To Talk About How Non-Binary Invisibility Affects Mental Health

refinery29 „Gender Identity Isn’t Too Confusing For Your Toddler

2018 March 19
themaven „New Study Suggests Structural Brain Differences in Transgender Women“ [study Brasil]

2018 March 16
sgn „Federal court rules Maryland Transgender boy’s access to restrooms and locker rooms that align with his gender identity is protected by law

sgn „Lambda Legal reaches favorable settlement for Transgender woman raped and beaten in Texas prisons

2018 March 15
interview magazine „Model Cordell Broadus talks empowerment with intersex activist Hanne Gaby Odiele

Reuters „Many transgender patients pay cash for gender-affirming surgery

Pink News „Transgender people are born that way, a new study has found

2018 March 13
The Washington Post „Federal judge sides with transgender teen in challenge over school locker rooms

lgbtqnation „Court orders school to treat transgender student ‘just like any other boy’

2018 March 12
HUFFPOST „Vietnamese Singer Wins International Transgender Beauty Pagean

2018 March 10
newsweek „Caitlyn Jenner Says Trump Has Been ‚Worst Ever‘ For Transgender Rights, ‚Set Our Community Back 20 Years‘

2018 March 09
sgn „Funeral home unlawfully discriminated against its employee by firing her for being transgender, a federal appeals court rules

sgn „Ingersoll Gender Center has moved to new Capitol Hill location“ [Ingersoll contact]

sgn „Oscars wrap: Coco’s LGBT creators thank spouses on telecast, Chilean transgender movie wins Best Foreign Language Film

npr „Survey Finds Many Transgender Teachers Face Discrimination On The Job

dbknews „Pronouns Pronouncement Day strives to improve transgender inclusion at UMD

Laconia Daily Sun „Court: Discrimination against transgender employees violates Title VII

2018 March 08
abc news „Second transgender individual signs contract with US military as Trump debates final policy

vox „“Embracing a child when they come out as transgender can be a matter of life and death”

swissinfo „トランスジェンダー団体、職場での差別撤廃求めキャンペーン“ [Japanese]

2018 March 07
HUFFPOST „Idaho Transgender Community Celebrates Victory In Birth Certificate Ruling

Reuters „U.S. appeals court says civil rights law covers transgender workers

Boston Globe „Judge says transgender woman at all-male prison can only be strip-searched by female guards

2018 March 06
CBS SF Bay Area „Wiener Announces New Legislation To End Unnecessary Surgeries On Intersex Infants

2018 March 05
‚A Fantastic Woman‘ OSCAR winner [Media review at alliance articel]

2018 March 02
abc news „Behind the Lens: Yance Ford opens up about being the first Oscar-nominated transgender director“ [OSCAR 2018]

times of israel „Non-binary teen celebrates UK’s first gender-neutral ‘b’nei mitzvah’

Berkeleyside „‘Sometimes you have to break the bone in order to get it set.’ A transgender man talks about #MeToo

sgn „LGBT military groups celebrate first out Trans recruit signing up to join the armed forces

sgn „Full-page USA Today ad features bipartisan opposition to Trump’s transgender military ban

2018 March 01
BuzzFeedNews „Pessoas trans poderão mudar nome e gênero diretamente no cartório, decide STF“ [(Supremo Tribunal Federal)  Brasil]

The Mercury „TV ad aims to pressure Trump on transgender military service

USA today „Mom: Transgender high school wrestler in Ohio outed, embarrassed by coach

indy week „North Carolina Transgender Congressional Candidate Wendy May Officially Files for Federal Office

nbc news „NBC OUT Transgender opera singer to make U.S. history — in Oklahoma

the-scientist „Are the Brains of Transgender People Different from Those of Cisgender People?“ [Picture The Transgender Brain pdf] [STUDY]

2018 February 28
Seattle weekly „An Official Third Option for the Gender Nonbinary“ [3rd]

WGN9 „Family of local transgender child creates ‘Gender Cool’ campaign
[Video  gender Cool project]

Pink news „Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox launches music career with fierce debut single Beat for the Gods

2018 February 27
USA today „TSA takes on issue of improving transgender screening

hyperallergic „Brazilian Court Ends Censorship of Play About Transgender Jesus

2018 February 26
HRC „Full Page USA Today Ad Features Bipartisan Opposition To Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

U.S. news „Court: US Anti-Discrimination Law Covers Sexual Orientation

Bloomberg Politics „Sexual-Orientation Bias Violates Law, Appeals Court Says

Reuters „U.S. appeals court says Title VII covers discrimination based on sexual orientation“  [Court 15-3775]

2018 February 25
New York Post „Transgender boy wins girls’ state wrestling title for second time „Interview mit iO Tillett Wright: „Bereits mit zwei Jahren habe ich mein Transsein gezeigt“

2018 February 23
sgn „Magnificent Fantastic Woman an empathetic drama of self-acceptance
sgn „Oscars 2018 nominations announced“ [Movie]

starobserver „Anti-trans protesters led Auckland’s pride march
gayexpress „Anti-Transgender Protesters Target Auckland Pride Parade“ [New Zealand]
Link in the Articel „A blog written by „“ shows a large number of transphobic articles alongside anti-prostitution articles.“

The New Times „Let Transgender Americans Continue to Serve in the Military

2018 February 22
indepthnh „OPINION: NH Women’s Foundation Backs Transgender Nondiscrimination Bill

sfgate „Mattis expected to back allowing transgender troops to stay in the military

lushusa „Trans Rights are Human Rights

abc news „What happened in my small town when my transgender daughter transitioned

2018 February 17
Planet Transgender „Cincinnati Transgender Teen Wins Battle to Transition

2018 February 16

sgn „US Department of Education won’t investigate Trans discrimination complaints

2018 February 13
dokuz8haber „Hunger strikes spread in solidarity with imprisoned trans-activist Diren Coşkun

2018 February 12
argusleader „South Dakota lawmakers defeat transgender bathroom proposal

2018 February 09

sgn „About 3 percent of US teens may be gender nonconforming, new study shows
[2.7% „gender nonconforming“ includes teens who identifed as Transgender, genderfluid, and nonbinary.]

jaxgay „Fourth US Transgender Woman this year brutally shot deadin Jacksonville

2018 February 08
buffalonews „Shooting death of transgender woman may be a potential hate crime

think progress „This bill would prohibit South Dakota teachers from acknowledging transgender kids exist

76crimes „Trans, intersex Zambians win evangelical support“ [Zambia]

2018 February 07
NBC news „Walgreens adopts transgender-inclusive bathroom policy

nj „Transgender N.J. pastor to celebrate with historic renaming ceremony | Faith Matters

2018 February 06

KQED „What a Pediatrician Learned from a 9-Year-Old Transgender Child

Daily Nation „TALES OF COURAGE: My life as an intersex person“ [Kenya]

Times of India „Transsexual held for pushing two men from running train

2018 February 05
kpbs „San Diego LGBT Community Center To Host Transgender Legal Clinic

NBC news „More U.S. teens identify as transgender, reject girl and boy as only options

cosmopolitan „More Teens Identify as Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming

Advocate „Study: There May Be Millions More Trans Teens Than Once Estimated

pediatrics „Health Disparities Facing Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Youth Are Not Inevitable

fresnobee „Police arrest suspect in brutal 2015 slaying of transgender woman

2018 February 02
SGN „Glitzy Freak puts on a heck of a show

novinite „Transsexual Volleyball Player Breaks Record on Points in a Match and Provokes Controversy in Brazil

2018 February 01 „La maledizione dei bambini intersex: vengono uccisi da neonati perché “portano sfortuna”“ [Südafrika Sud Africa]

desmoinesregister „Transgender ‘bathroom bill’ introduced in Iowa House, though support lags

2018 January 31
Pink News „A transgender man has been arrested for ordering testosterone in Russia

dallas observer „Texas‘ First Transgender Mayor Seeks Re-election

my trans life „Transgender Couple Find Happiness Together

K5 news „Oscar front-runner ‚Fantastic Woman‘ tells an illuminating transgender story

nbcdfw „Collin County Town Has Chance To Elect Transgender Mayor“ [Texas]

nhpr „Transgender Rights Bill Draws a Crowd at the N.H. Statehouse

kesq „Transgender woman detained for using women’s restroom at local casino

The Republic „6 transgender inmates sue Illinois Corrections Department „Transgender Army veteran talks about social change through activism in the 21st century „New Hampshire Again Considers Transgender Protection

2018 January 29
aramajapan „A new transgender idol group has started activities

BBC „Jin Xing: China’s transgender TV star

osy „Conservative Pakistan’s Transgender Rising

Pink news „Indonesian police arrest 12 transgender women and shave their heads ‘to make them men’

2018 January 26
The Age „Natalie’s new world: how gender reassignment is moving into the mainstream

north coast journal „Huff to Bring Transgender Veteran to State of the Union in Protest of Military Ban

newnownext „Will Alexandra Chandler Be America’s First Transgender Congresswoman?

2018 January 25
broke ass stuart „Veronika Fimbres Wants To Be California’s First African-American Transgender Governor

Rolling Stone „Anti-Trans Bathroom Debate: How a Local Religious-Right Faction Launched a National Movement

2018 January 24
sevendaysvt „In a New Play, Transgender Women Tell Their Stories

2018 January 22
HUFFPOST „Laverne Cox Makes History As Cosmopolitan’s First Transgender Cover Girl

nzherald „Transwoman Phylesha Brown-Acton and transman Tom Hamilton speak about life 10 years after the HRC inquiry“ [New Zealand]

2018 January 21
The Washington Post „When kids come in saying they are transgender (or no gender), these doctors try to help

2018 January 19
refinery29 „Doctors Still Believe Intersex People Need To Be „Fixed“ And That’s A Problem

popsugar „How Grey’s Anatomy Introduced Its First Major Transgender Character

HRW „Bangladesh: Transgender Men Fear for Their Safety

kxl „Washington Senate Passes Conversion Ban, Transgender Bullying Bills“ [!]

alternet „How Transgender People in the South Are Helping Each Other Get Health Care

advocate „For Trans People, Finding Health Care Is a Constant Battle

Daily Herold „Judge may rule in District 211 transgender suit next week

star observer „Community hero: Lee Carnie, human rights lawyer and LGBTI advocate“ [Australia]

sydney criminal lawyers „It’s Time to Repeal Australia’s Discriminatory Transgender Laws“ [Australia]

indeterminade „A solidão intersexo existe?“ [San Paulo]

The Diplomat „Bangladesh Adds Third Gender Option to Voter Forms

stuff „Rising numbers seeking transgender advice will require more funding, warns study

2018 January 18
queerstion TransAfrikan voices „Innovative Trans* refugees form collective in Kenya

Indenpendent „Trump administration to introduce rule allowing medical workers to deny abortions or refuse treat transgender patients

2018 January 17
CBS Austin „Austin Police: Arrest made in sexual assault of transgender woman

The Intercept_ „Christian Group That Pushed “Bathroom Bills” Is Taking Anti-Transgender Fight to Prisons

The Express Tribune „Transgender shot, injured in Peshawar“ [Pakistan]

news ok „Man charged with killing transgender woman, setting house on fire in California

ctv news „Transgender leader of Quebec women’s federation defends her presidency

Daily Times „Islamabad ‘Transgender people may be different but not aliens’ „Fear rules Kerala transgender community after string of attacks“ [India]

CBC news „UVic exhibition reveals hidden history of transgender art and activism
[Link Historical images from the Transgender Archive at the University of Victoria]

fosters „NH transgender non-discrimination bill re-introduced

Bustle „Trump’s Latest Transgender Rights Move Could Be Devastating For Trans People’s Health

ctv news „Tensions flare as B.C. parents protest ‚transphobic‘ school trustee“ [Canada]

The Hill „Trump plans new protections for health workers who refuse to perform abortions, treat transgender patients: report

Washington blade „Report of HHS anti-trans health rule riles LGBT advocates

CNBC „Trump administration plans to protect health workers for refusing to handle abortions or treat transgender people

politico „Trump to overhaul HHS office, shield health workers with moral objections

2018 January 16
backstage „What it Takes to Pursue Acting as a Transgender Woman

newsy „Althea Garrison: An Unintentional Transgender Pioneer In The US

Ghana Web „Ghana’s first transgender female revealed, TV presenter slammed

Los Angeles Times „Transgender bias complaints dismissed, a call to focus more on history of Reconstruction: What’s new in education

The Hill „Trump officials dismissed discrimination complaints from transgender students: report

NHBR „NH lawmakers get another shot at transgender anti-discrimination bill

abc7 „Man charged in stabbing death of transgender woman in Pico-Union

nepr „Two New England States Could Offer Third Gender Option On Driver’s Licenses

Reuters „Taiwan mulls third gender option on passports, IDs „Another View: HB 1319 will make all of us safer, including transgender people

USA Today „Eight transgender volunteers apply to join the Air Force after courts ordered policy change

2018 January 15
HUFFPOST „Jessica Platt Hopes Coming Out As Transgender Will Help Others

The Washington Post „Sent home to a deadly nightmare by Trump’s America

New Boston Post „Fired Newspaper Editor Shows How To Save America

USA today „Dozens of transgender volunteers seek to join military since Jan. 1

news com „courts law Transgender sex worker ‘unaware’ of HIV“ [Australia]

2018 January 14
Marocco World News „Tunisian LGBT Association to Hold First Festival in MENA Region

businessinsider „Transgender recruits are openly enlisting in the US military, despite uncertainty created by Trump“ [by Reuters direct (Link)]

2018 January 13

abs cbn news „Philippine military welcomes LGBT applicants

The Washington Post „Maryland Politics Chelsea Manning files to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland

stuff „Transgender personality calls for society to ‚get on with it‘ after abuse from teens“ [New Zealand]

Otago Daily News „Intersex advocate issues call

2018 January 12
planettransgender „LA Transgender woman Viccky Gutierrez murdered 2nd Week 2nd Death

euronews „Iran’s transgender community: Legally recognised yet socially ostracised“ [Iran]

2018 January 11
starobserver „Advocates call on the government to scrap forced trans divorce and surgery“ [Australia]

The Daily Dot „I’m a lesbian and a transgender woman—and those two aren’t mutually exclusive

advocate „Trans Sri Lankan Comedian D’Lo Finds Laughter in His Pain

the stirrer „A National LGBTIQ Organisation

2018 January 10
npr „Pakistan’s Transgender Women, Long Marginalized, Mobilize For Rights

The Cut „U.S. School District to Pay $800,000 to Settle Transgender Student’s Discrimination Lawsuit

BuzzFeedNews „Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal, States Must Abolish Transgender „Forced Divorce“ Laws

2018 January 09

newsweek „What Is Gender X? New Identity Is Accepted in These States, and Washington and Vermont Could Be Next „sports life We might be celebrating, but despite same-sex marriage, we’re far from equal“ [Australia]

2018 January 08
The Hill „Transgender military service is as American as apple pie

The Times of India „NGO seeks reservation for third gender persons in Ludhiana Municipal Corporation elections

WCAX3 „Vermont considers offering third gender option on licenses

yourstory „Supreme Court’s revisiting of Section 377 welcomed by LGBTQ community“ [India]

AJC „Doraville swears in Georgia’s only transgender elected official

Gulf Times „Ombudsman gets commissioner for the transgender community“ [Pakistan]

cosmopolitan „The New Reboot of Roseanne Will Feature a Gender-Nonconforming Child

2018 January 07 „Transgender people seek equal protections in NH

2018 January 05

Guardian „LGBTQI community in T&T UNDER ATTACK

VPR „Vermont Is One Step Closer To Offering A Third Gender On Driver’s Licenses

International Business Times „India’s only gay prince is opening his palace up to vulnerable LGBT people

2018 January 05
HUFFPOST „Washington State To Offer Non-Binary Option On Birth Certificates

2018 January 04

SFGN „Powerlifting Championship Adds First Gender Neutral ‘Mx Category’“ [Sport]

The Seattle Times „Washington state birth certificates will soon have nonbinary option

CNN „Washington state offers third gender option on birth certificates

The Stranger „New Third Gender Option Is Now Available on Washington State Birth Certificates

The Olympian „New state rule allows gender X on birth certificates

Taiwan News „Taiwan mulls a third gender option on national ID cards, passports

Taipei Times „Third gender on passports possible: foreign ministry

segundoenfoque „INDH de Chile pidió garantizar derechos de niños trans“ [Chile]

DW „Germany’s Federal Court of Justice declares transgender woman legal father of child

newsline „German trans woman loses court bid to be registered as child’s mother

Reuters „German court rules against registering transsexual woman as a mother

abc news „German court rules transsexual woman can’t be ‚mother‘

The Washington Post „German court rules transsexual woman can’t be ‘mother’

The Bay Area Reporter „Trans Malaysians speak out against conversion therapy course

newnownext „Germany Now Recognizes Third Gender On Birth Certificates“ [until end 2018]

2018 January 03

Flanders Today „New law makes it easier to officially change gender

psmag „The Trans Women Turning to Firearms for Survival

LGBTQ Nation „Federal judge delivers blow to families suing to stop trans students’ rights

2018 January 02

Daily Herold „Provo university helping transgender population with free speech clinic

Life Site „Germany must allow ‘third gender’ from birth, top court rules“ [until end 2018]

2018 January 01
Time „Exclusive: First U.S. Baby Born After a Uterus Transplant

7news Miami „Fort Lauderdale transgender woman overcomes obstacles to chase dream

GQ „Transgender Hockey Star Harrison Browne Has More to Accomplish Before Hanging up the Skates

Las Vegas Sun“School transgender policy gets people talking

Pink News „A trans review of 2017: the year of transgender moral panic

npr „Transgender Women In Pakistan Demand Equal Rights

2017 December
religionnews „Sexuality, race, and gender: 3 explosive insights about America’s 100 largest churches

SOTT „Parent of ‚transgende“r‘ teen: ‚We have to fight this radical movement‘

CBC news „Identical twins transformed: Siblings embark on their own separate journeys

MIC com „Walking While Trans: An immersive look into the transgender experience.

MATADOR network „6 questions the trans* community is sick of hearing

Lambda Unites „Lambda Legal Employees Win Union Election

KOAT news „Interview with American Veterans for Equal Rights

the news tribune „Bathrooms lose their genders at Vashon Island high school after students push for change

DECCAN Chronicle „Year ender 2017: The many first steps India took to embrace transgender people

hindustan times „‘T’ for transgenders now in railway ticket registration

Daily Nation „Law on one-third gender seats still hangs in balance“ [Nairobi]

Dhaka Tribune „Third-gender councillor candidate creates waves in Rangpur

Los Angeles Times „California will legally recognize a third gender on ID’s

OUT100 „9 Transgender Veterans Talk Service, Trump & Fighting Back

theestablishment „No, Female Trans Athletes Do Not Have Unfair Advantages“ [Sport]

The Wichtia Eagle „Dealing with gender questions with your kids? This group can help

NBC news „Meet 2017’s newly elected transgender officials

Stars and Stripes „Pentagon releases detailed policy for recruiting transgender troops

KUOW „Swedish Hospital sued for allegedly refusing transgender man’s surgery

RollingStone „Transgender America: 10 Best and Worst Moments of 2017

news ok „Man arrested in connection to November slaying of transgender woman

Daily Mail „The paperwork that shows how Australia’s changed: ‚Bride‘, ‚groom‘ and ‚partner‘ are the official choices from TOMORROW on official marriage form – but what IS the new gender option ‚X‘?

myyellowknifenow „GNWT adds third option for gender on ID cards

Dayton City Paper „Words, words, words

T13 „INDH llama la atención sobre compleja situación de niños y niñas trans e intersexuales

The Express Tribune Pakistan „Transgender rights bill rejected as flawed

LGBT weekly „AT&T wireless agreement extends gender identity protections to tens of thousands of workers

Medpage Today „He, She, They: Some Tips for Treating Transgender Patients

The Hindu „Perform sex reassignment surgeries for free in all government hospitals, recommends report

Chicago Tribune „Appeals court denies stay of transgender military ban

Jezebel „New York City Would Rather Shutter Its Jails‘ Transgender Housing Unit Than Improve It

The Charlotte Observer „Transgender Bojangles’ worker claimed bosses harassed her. Now the company must pay.

Radio Australia „Donald Trump: Second US court rejects bid to stop transgender military recruits

NBC news „Japan urged to end forced sterilization of transgender people

Life Site News „Botswana must recognize ‘transgender’ man as woman, court orders

CBS Sport „Transgender volleyball player excelling in Brazil, eyeing 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Trinidad and Tobago NEWSDAY „Cops probe murder of another transsexual, body dumped in garbage bin in Debe

Advocate „Person of the Year: Transgender Americans

ILGA „ILGA releases 2nd edition of its Trans Legal Mapping Report“ [EN]

diva dirt „Transgender Women’s Champion crowned

US news „US Appeals Court Denies Stay of Transgender Military Ban „„Wir lassen uns nicht totschweigen“

Human Rights Campaign Trump Hotel DC [Video]

Trans Equality Now! „The CDC’s Silence Will Harm Trans People

Human Rights Watch „Vigilantes Stalk Indonesian Transgender Women

BuzzFeedNews „This Transgender Man Is Trying To Enlist In The Military On Jan. 1. Trump Is Trying To Stop Him

The Seattle Times „Transgender intern: Rep. Lujan Grisham sent ‘fake’ letter

independent „Botswana to recognise a transgender woman’s identity for first time after historic High Court ruling

swimming world „Transgender Swimmers: The Rules for Inclusion and Fairness

bustle „Does The Catholic Church Support Transgender People? Bishops Are Asking Parents To Dismiss Their Trans Kids

youtube „Hi I’m Intersex – Pt 4

Amnesty International „Interview mit Lucie Veith, Sprecherin von Intersexuelle Menschen e.V.

The Hindu „Protest against Transgender Persons Bill

NBC news „Meet America’s first all-LGBTQ city council

the guardian „Anti-trans zealots, know this: history will judge you

Fox2 „Men charged in transgender woman attack bound over with $1.5M bond

Bay Times „International Activist Hiker Chiu Helps to Lead the Way on Intersex Social Justice

time „transgender men sexism

Daily Mail „Transgender activist who won a High Court battle to be listed as gender X now wants COMPULSORY gender-neutral toilets in nightclubs and stadiums

stirile pro tv „Administrația Trump s-a ”supărat” pe cuvintele ”fetus”, ”diversitate” și ”transsexual”

American Thinker „Laurier University and the Transsexual Pronoun War

Local DVM „UPDATE: Man sentenced for murdering transgender woman

LGBT Nation „Texas transgender woman found dead in front of construction site

npr „Trump Administration Reportedly Instructs CDC On Its Own Version Of 7 Dirty Words

The Hill „Dem: Trump banning words in CDC documents ‘deeply disturbing and offensive’

CBS news „Report: CDC given list of banned words, including „fetus“ and „diversity“

statnews „After report on CDC’s forbidden words policy draws outrage, HHS pushes back

CNN „Word ban at CDC includes ‚vulnerable,‘ ‚fetus,‘ ‚transgender‘

QUARTZ „How the CDC used “vulnerable,” “transgender” and other newly banned words in past documents

The Washington Post „Health & Science CDC gets list of forbidden words: fetus, transgender, diversity

Chicago Tribune „Glenbrook school district drafts transgender student policy: ‚We look to include, not to exclude‘

Chicago Tribune „Transgender patients need better doctors

Good Sports „Olympic Channel Debuts Docu-Series Highlighting Transgender Athletes

The Hindu „Transgender attempts suicide

news18 „From Begging to Stardom, Kolkata’s Transgender Community Has Come a Long Way

HUFFPOST „This Doctor Wants To Transform Transgender Care In America

abc7 „Transgender people allowed to enlist in the military

Independent „Transgender man gives birth to healthy baby five years after having first child as a woman

people bodies „Transgender Man Gives Birth to Baby 5 Years After Having a Child as a Woman

Broadly „27 Percent of California Teens Are Gender Nonconforming

Pink News „Donald Trump’s judicial nominee who said transgender children are ‘Satan’s plan’ has suffered a setback

Deutsche Welle „Transgender troops — how open is Germany’s army?

the weekly observer „Transsexual father gave birth to a baby and declared it as “unspecified sex” to let it choose on its own

thenewcivilrightsmovement „Federal Court Denies DOJ Request, Pentagon Quickly Announces Transgender Recruits Will Be Welcome January 1

The Times of Inida „Transgender bill may offer gender choice

China Buisness Law Journal „Transgender employee compensated for unlawful dismissal

dallas voice „1 dead, 1 injured in Fort Worth shooting

CNC news „Discrimination in Ontario: Human rights survey finds negative feelings toward the poor, refugees, trans people

YAHOO!7 „This 17-year-old is changing the lives of transgender children

rondoniaovivo „EM RONDÔNIA: TJ autoriza mudança de nome de transsexual

rondoniaovivo „SUPER LIGA: Bauru contrata a primeira transsexual para um time de vôley“  [SPORT]

Pink news „Botswana agrees to recognise transgender man in landmark case

nlucon „Travesti Jéssica Dimy, que teve 50% do corpo queimado em ataque, morre no Rio de Janeiro

bizjournals // Milwaukee Buisness Journal „Rockwell, 60 other companies join new coalition supporting transgender rights

qnews Australia „Big Win For Transgender People In The Same-Sex Marriage Bill


Military Times „Pentagon prepares to accept transgender recruits by Jan. 1

Trinidad and Tobago Newsday „Grief over murder of transgender woman

Pink News „LGBT and black reporters left off White House Christmas party guest list for first time in years

SGNF „Transgender Rights Bill Introduced in Guatemala

Planet Transgender „Cincinnati Trans Teen Forced to Undergo Hours of ‘Christian’ Conversion Therapy

el Periodico „Una aixecadora de pesos transsexual crea polèmica en el Mundial

The Spokesman Review „Washington birth certificates could list sex as M, F or X

Washington Examiner „Pentagon preparing for transgender recruiting on Jan. 1

KOMO news „State considers a third gender for birth certificates

12news „WA proposes gender-neutral birth certificate option

Orgeon Live „Washington considers nongender option on birth certificates

npr „New Generation Of Transgender Americans Wants To Change Laws, Not Just Minds

Hotair „Oh boy. Portland, Maine has a new school transgender policy

Independent „Japan urged to scrap law forcing transgender people to be sterilised before they can transition

Reuters „Weightlifting: New Zealand transgender lifter bids for gold at worlds

Los Angeles Times „Transgender rights: Los Angeles families complain of insensitive treatment during court hearings

LGBTQ Nation „Who should be included on the Transgender Day of Remembrance?

Monsters and Critics „Love triangle led to murder of transsexual model Diane Delia

The Times of India „Transsexual wins legal battle, ready to begin siddha course

Human Rights Law Centre „Historic Family Court win for young transgender people

2017 November „Intersex no es lo mismo que tercer género: una opinión sobre el fallo constitucional en Alemania.

latina „Ecuador’s First Transgender Senator, Diane Rodriguez is Making History & Breaking Barriers

News ok „Jurors award transgender woman $1M in discrimination lawsuit against state university

The Times of India „Intersex activist Gopi Shankar Madurai to speak at ILGA Asia regional conference in Cambodia

The Denver Post „As Trump attempts a transgender military ban, Germany celebrates its first trans commander „Canada Offers $85 Million to Victims of Its ‘Gay Purge,’ as Trudeau Apologizes

el Periodico „Últimes notícies del Dia de la Constitució i les eleccions a Catalunya

Noticias „Liniker : «sou transsexual, mulher e cantora do Brasil»

Daily Mail „Canadian elementary school teachers attend ‚LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP‘ inclusiveness training session. Would you understand the title?

NBCnews „Second U.S. judge halts Trump’s proposed transgender military ban „New Jersey Elects First-Ever Intersex Person to Hold Public Office in U.S.

The Washington Post „As Trump attempts a transgender military ban, Germany celebrates its first trans commander“ (EN)