Media (europe)

GLAAD Media Reference Guide – AP, Reuters & New York Times Style

2018 January 15
Independent „India Willoughby does not speak for all transgender people – and it’s damaging to think that she does

the blaze „One Million Moms calls for Scholastic protest over ‘pro-homosexual,’ ‘pro-transgender’ books

The Guardian „‚A monumental change‘: how Ireland transformed transgender rights

2018 January 13 „Transgenres et caisses en conflit

Pink News „Chelsea Manning files official papers to run for US Senate

2018 January 11
UM „Satspuljepartier indgår aftale om 12 nye initiativer målrettet LGBTI-personer“ [Denmark ] „Mary-Jane från Eskilstuna byter kön: „Jag föddes till kvinna“ „Dokumentärteater om det svåra

2018 January 05
BBC news „First openly transgender woman in British Vogue

2018 January 04
DW „Germany’s Federal Court of Justice declares transgender woman legal father of child

Reuters „German court rules against registering transsexual woman as a mother

2018 January 03
Flanders Today „New law makes it easier to officially change gender [!!!] „Petite révolution: il est enfin possible de changer de sexe à la commune, sans opération chirurgicale au préalable

2018 January 02
mysocalledgaylife „LGBT IPC Introduce New Inclusive Mx Category For Transgender, Non Binary and Intersex Athletes“ [Sport]

2018 January 01
The Telegraph „Dave Chappelle mocks Louis CK victim and transgender people in new Netflix stand-up special

Independent „Transgender woman face angry reaction for using Hampstead ladie’s pond

2017 December
euronews „Ein drittes Geschlecht für Schweden?

HelloGiggles „This Danish Christmas commercial showing a father accepting his transgender teen is so powerful“ [Video]

The Conversation „A trans review of 2017: the year of transgender moral panic

the guardian „Transgender Jewish woman wins review of child contact case

ILGA „ILGA releases 2nd edition of its Trans Legal Mapping Report“ [EN]

swimming world „Transgender Swimmers: The Rules for Inclusion and Fairness

The Telegraph „Children to be taught transgender issues in sex education lessons

BBC news „Transgender prisoner found hanged ‚after quitting suicide pact‘

the guardian „Transgender inmate complained of bullying by guards, inquest told

The Lily „For LGBTI in Eastern Europe, a struggle to exist

Sveriges Television „Skarp kritik i USA mot påstått ordstopp

the guardian „CDC banned words include ‚diversity‘, ‚transgender‘ and ‚fetus‘ – report

Reuters „Transgender women may get small breasts with hormones

kyiv post „Transgender woman working to ease lives of Ukrainians like herself

BBC news „UKIP’s Gareth Bennett told to apologise for transgender comments

Pink news „UKIP politician banned from Welsh Assembly after attacking ‘nutty’ transgender people in vile speech

EL PAIS „Condemnat a un any de presó per un delicte d’odi un implicat en el crim de la transsexual Sonia

Deutsche Welle „Transgender troops — how open is Germany’s army?

CBN news „British Teacher Fights School’s Transgender Agenda that Got Him Suspended

The Sun „TRANS ROW Christian teacher ‘suing school after being suspended for calling a transgender pupil a girl instead of a boy’“

elperiodico „La filla de la portaveu d’Hazteoir a Xile es revela transsexual


Freedom Requires Wings „REPORT: „Transgender activism in Russia“ by Yana Sitnikova

More interesting about the trans* movement in Russia
B Psychiatric abuse of transgender people: a case from Russia
C The Emergence of Transfeminism in Russia: Opposition from Cisnormative Feminists and Trans* People
D Who rejects depathologization? Attitudes of Russian-speaking trans people toward revision of the International Classification of Diseases
E Approximating gender neutrality in Russian

Human Rights Law Centre „Historic Family Court win for young transgender people

BuzzFeed „This Young Man Wants You To Know What It’s Like Being Intersex

2017 November
Buisness Insider Nordic „Sweden is considering a third legal gender – here’s how it would work

ANSA Italy „Transsexual found dead in Rome park

Romania TV „Un transsexual din România, găsit mort la Roma. Avea un cuţit înfipt în piept

Jersey Evening Post „Schools given guidelines on transsexual students „Transsexuella Elize, 28: ”Blev aldrig trakasserad som man”

taz „Trans-Morde sind politische Morde Transfrauen in der Türkei sterben durch die Hand transphober Männer. Schuld hat auch ein System, das ausschließt und stigmatisiert. „Ung & trans – möt Viktoria, 14 och Antonia, 15 „Минюст отправил на доработку форму справки о смене пола

The Telegraph „Scottish adults and children to be allowed to change their legal gender to neither male nor female

Der Tagesspiegel „Die Aktivistin Naida Kučukalić aus Sarajevo „Trans-Fragen sind feministische Fragen“

Spiegel Online „Türkei Ankara verbietet LGBTI-Filmfestival

BBC news „Turkey: German gay film festival banned in Ankara

Der „Finne wehrt sich gegen Zwangssterilisation

amnesty „Sakris Kupila kämpft für Transgender Rechte in Finnland

BBC news „1917 Russian Revolution: The gay community’s brief window of freedom